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PHP/JavaScript Developer


An opportunity has arisen for a PHP/JavaScript Developer to join our established Development Team in Namesco Ltd ( The successful applicant must have a passion for writing clean, secure and testable code, and a commitment to ongoing professional development.

The role requires significant experience of Object-Oriented Software design principles and best practices, such as working to PHP Standards Recommendations (PSRs), and a good understanding of the current JavaScript and CSS ecosystems. Familiarity with SQL and basic database normalisation is also required.

PHP, JavaScript and MySQL applications form the core of all of Namesco’s systems, including the email and web hosting infrastructures. As such, an understanding of the protocols underlying these internet technologies, such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, SSH, TLS and DNS would be beneficial.

Working with sensitive and business-critical data also requires a thorough understanding of security and data integrity issues on the Internet.

Some knowledge of dependency and package management solutions for both PHP and JavaScript would be helpful, and an understanding of asynchronous JavaScript using promises would be a bonus.

The successful applicant will have an enthusiastic attitude for their work with significant commercial experience in creating secure, high-performance web applications.

Professional background: Requirements:

Ideal candidate:

  • Has enthusiasm and a desire to learn
  • Has excellent problem solving skills
  • Is able to communicate advanced concepts well
  • Has attention to detail
  • Is a good team player
  • Has ability to work in a fast moving environment and to tight deadlines
Type of contract:
Indefinite Contract

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